News Mission Statement

News will inform students and the campus community on events and issues affecting life on campus. The section will provide breaking news online and longer form, original stories in print and online.

How we will fulfill this

The News section will:

  • Focus on campus-related issues and only use non-campus stories when their effects can be described in an immediate and relatable manner
  • Find the broader scope in a seemingly small news story – make it “hit home” to students
  • Write articles with the ultimate goal of both informing AND entertaining
  • NOT disregard stories that are interesting but seems to have no university relevance – if you find it interesting and want to share it, other students will most likely find it interesting as well
  • Continue to be the watchdogs of the University Students’ Council and the University administration by developing beat blogs and conducting investigations
  • Enterprise stories: take initiative to find stories through word-of-mouth and by keeping an ear to the ground – not only through stories on other websites
  • Focus on longer-term stories related to large events on a variety of scales — be they campus, municipal or provincial — while working on daily content
  • Strive to write short, clear and non-academic articles to communicate information clearly to the reader
  • Inject a human interest into news stories
  • Cover news events live and deliver information in an objective manner to readers