Video: Running was for weirdos

This format for video is more creative than many that are released from most news outlets. Vox has used a technique similar to white board drawing videos that are erased as the narrator speakers. This is also a great example of a research driven video that is visually interesting and might have social media users pausing on timelines and news feeds.


Video: Hillary Clinton & Hot Sauce

Now This is very strong when it comes to short-form videos that rely heavily on quick graphics and subtitles on the screen that briefly explain a story or issue. The Gazette has crafted videos like this last year (think the salt video) but Now This uses a variety of colour, graphics, found-footage, freeze frame, music, etc. to create more variety and a more engaging video that is more likely to cause people to stop when Facebook begins to autoplay it. This video about Hillary Clinton’s love for hot sauce is a good example.

Video: How Highways Wrecked American Cities

Vox is particularly strong when it comes to creating videos that don’t necessarily rely on footage they have shot themselves. Rather, they look to create a mini-documentary based on archival and found footage. There are many websites and resources that offer footage for copyright free. Moreover, I believe copyright material (film, television, etc.) is allowed to be used as long as you use less than 30 seconds. Regardless, this is a great example of a longer form video to accompany a longer story.